Vocal Tips for Podcasting

Preparing Your Voice For Your Podcast

14 September 2016 Podcasting Tips Podcasts Vocals

When getting your voice ready to record your podcast, it’s a good idea to do a few vocal exercises beforehand:

1) You can sing,

2) Do vocal rhymes: my mother used to have me say this one – the black bare runs
around the black berry bush. Say this two or three times quickly, really helps to
eliminate a lazy tongue. Here are some additional tips to keep your voice calm
and even:

a. Sit up straight and breath naturally –
c. Keep your chin level and your head up –
d. Relax your shoulders –
e. Relax abdominal and back muscles –
f. And always SMILE.

3) Stay away from dairy before you do an interview (coats your vocal cords and your
voice is not as crisp). Also, drinking anything carbonated can cause little gurgles
in your throat that create unattractive sound effects.

Just as a runner stretches and warms their leg muscles before a race, as a podcaster it is important to warm up your vocal cords.

Happy Podcasting!

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