The Let’s Veg About It Podcast

The Let’s Veg About It Podcast With Chef Annette


Chef Annette (aka That Veggie Gurl) is an retired elementary educator, master certified health coach, stage 4 cancer survivor and plant-based culinary educator.

In her coaching practice she has the privilege to work with individuals young and old, teaching them how to use food to thrive; not just survive in their daily lives.

This podcast is devoted to giving you veggie education, so you can learn how to cook food that will help you improve or manage your health issues. This show is in a question and answer format, with weekly recipes/veggie education, including homework assignments designed to motivate you to eat well, so you can live well and feel well.

Get your notebooks, because class is in session! It’s time for us to veg about it. |Master Certified Health Coach| ⓋChef|Cancer Survivor|Health Advocate Based in Los Angeles That Veggie Gurl Wellness®

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