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The Jamila Marie Morton Show


In November of 2015, I resigned from a job working for a manipulative, malignant narcissist who told me if I did that I would never work again, and I haven’t.

I was a mid career professional who was always able to secure employment, never had a bad reputation, had support but I had to be punished for resigning. Since that time, he has continued to harass, stalk, slander and victimize me by creating a false file to portray me as a criminal to make it appear as though I am not credible. Everyone seems to be outraged by this man’s accusations, whatever they are, but little do they know it’s fabricated. In fact, if you asked anyone whether or not these accusations were being said about me prior 2016 it would be a unanimous “NO” because everything is made up.

One thing I know about a narcissist is that if they cannot control you they will control how others see you. This fake criminal history or fake badge he uses is design to control me since I now know I am not the first, and probably won’t be the last former employee to be punished for not going along with his program. So, to prevent me from working or obtaining resources he has to continue to control the situation, silence me, discredit me so I never get any where. He has used people within my community, friends and family to vilify me in order to further the abuse. By constantly hacking into my phones and computers, hiring private investigators he’s able to keep track and contact whomever I contact to tell them that I am under this fake investigation and that they need to be warned and to stay away.

Unbeknownst to them, they are helping the wrong person.

Here’s my story and feel free to investigate, question, do your due diligence because I am going to keep at until someone does. In addition, I hope to help raise awareness to crimes of stalking ( gang/community stalking), Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse (NPD) because these crimes are more prevalent then people realize. For more details about my journey check out my Facebook page at /jamilamariemorton

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