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The INsight Podcast With Wendy Kipling

The INsight Podcast With Wendy Kipling

If you are like me, you lead a very busy life…. You do not have time to waste and every second you spend on your business needs to count. If you need to know something you want to find the information quick. You want to act today. INsight© has been designed with you in mind…

My aim is to provide sessions that are: Quick and easy to follow Deliver enough knowledge so that you can act today. Time focused, with sessions only lasting between 10 – 20 minutes. Allowing you to maximize your time when at the gym or driving to see your next client… Topics, Marketing, Selling, Business Planning, Finance and more…

INsight© – The weekly podcast dedicated to startup entrepreneurs. Give yourself the best chance of business success, make sure you stay tuned to this podcast.

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