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Tandem Canon: The Game-rific Podcast


Welcome to the podcast, fam! Who are we, you wonder? We are two nostalgia-seeking, plot-twist feeling, button mashing, character-avenging, co-op fist-bumping, passionate players of games that we love. And we’re sharing that passion with you on the airwaves in our podcast: Tandem Canon: The Game-rific Podcast. This podcast is based on our attitudes, desires and experiences in the world of video gaming, particularly co-op. We are passionate about gaming, and strongly believe that everyone has room on the co-op couch with us. On the podcast, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, such as our favorite games; characters we feel are highly underrated; the games that have us catching feelings; franchises we wish could be fixed; our frustrations with movie based games, and more. We are so excited about nerding out with you and would love you to level up with us every other week!

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