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Personal Development Meditation Podcast

Personal Development Meditation Podcast


I’m Lora O’Brien, an Irish author, teacher and guide. I was born and grew up here in Ireland with a deep love of our native mythology, spirituality and stories. After studying alternative spirituality for over 20 years, and delving formally into Psychology (particularly Jungian methodology) along the way… I began to formalize my technique for Journeying to the Otherworld, and returning safely, so that I could explain it better to people, and teach it as a tool for personal development or spiritual exploration – or both – so that others could benefit from it the way I have. This is not your average guided meditation. I’ve listened to them for years and frankly I’m alarmed by how many ‘guides’ bring you out there and drop you in it with no reliable way back. And that’s only the start of their problems. This is a system developed directly from my experiences with native Irish energies, refined through current knowledge and experience certainly, but in essence and power – direct from source. The episodes are weekly meditations, meant to be done a few times through the week before the new one. You are looking for personal development meditation that is safe, psychologically sound, and good for you. Here you go. Enjoy the show!

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