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Maura Sweeney | Living Happy - Inside Out

Maura Sweeney | Living Happy – Inside Out


Maura Sweeney: Living Happy Inside Out | Inspiration | Identity | Reinvention | Leadership from The Ambassador of Happiness(R) Happiness is an inside job, one that author, international speaker, HuffPost contributor Maura Sweeney knows a lot about. She calls upon decades of life experience, challenges and personal recalibration to help others discover their own peace, find their own purpose and enjoy a life that resonates in an authentic and harmonizing way.

Eclectic and timeless, Maura relates and engages university students, millennials and life long learners to live out their biggest and brightest self — from the inside out.

Employing reflective questions, anecdotal stories and encouraging thoughts, Maura empowers listeners toward transformation, reinvention and personal growth. In these brief podcasts, generally around 10 minutes in length, Maura asks a question, shares a personal anecdote and brings a call to action to help listeners attune to and align with their own values, beliefs and life expectations. She finishes each podcast with a special guest who shares a bit about what makes them happy from the inside out, too.

Because Maura focuses on the thought life, she’s been described as spirituality centered, philosophy focused and self-help oriented. However, when listening to her podcasts, you’ll quickly realize that Maura’s inspiring messages are always designed for and around you — no matter who you are and regardless of your background or circumstances.

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