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Lifestyles of the New Golden Age

Lifestyles of the New Golden Age


Inspiration for the Golden Age. Spirituality, Art, Aesthetics, Culture, Decrees, Travel, Channelings, Music, Energy, Magic, Ascended Masters: an abundant Fountain of Ideas all blended as if by the master alchemist Lady Portia and infused with the ever abundant flow of Lady Fortuna. This show is an energetic buffet, created for you to sample higher light streams that may not exist in your life but are now available, courtesy of our new Golden Age.

This show is designed to bridge your left and right brain hemispheres, creating your OWN new synapsis and your OWN new lifestyle. This show is a portal to bringing through your own magic skills to enhance your life. This show is about YOUR VERY OWN CREATIVE LIFE, designed by you with the help of the celestial realms. This show is a drink from the fountain of creativity so you can hone YOUR OWN AESTHETIC.

Giselle connects us to our own Fountain of Creativity and the Unlimited Supply of ideas and divine concepts. She brings passion, inspiration and new spiritual connection to our lives, helping us to design our most creative and fulfilling life.

Giselle Koy, host, is a creative life designer who helps individuals manifest their highest vision in this reality. As a divine muse she works with the Ascended Masters, Angelic and Galactic Beings. Tune in, relax and get a blast of truly divine inspiration!

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