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How To Raise a Maverick

How to Raise a Maverick Podcast


How to Raise a Maverick is a weekly Podcast supports and inspires the movement to parent Kids that know how to work, have grit, show empathy.

Emily Gaudreau interviews the top independent thinkers, entrepreneurial parents, and family experts. How to Raise a Maverick is for anyone with kids in their life that wants to see them grow into happy, resilient people that work their butts off and do the right thing. This Podcast was created for YOU, if you’re co-parenting, a single parent, a foster parent, a mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, counselor or youth pastor. If you’re looking for simple actionable advice for really difficult situations while you drive, work-out or take a break Emily will have it for you.

Each episode gives you unique tools and resources that will no doubt change the way you engage with your kids. Listening to How to Raise a Maverick will prepare you for ANYTHING kids can throw at you. Parenting is a crazy job don’t do it without the experts.

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